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How to Make a Kitchen Extension Environment-Friendly Yet Functional?

Since a kitchen extension is a type of property modification, you can expect environmental pollution from the process. However, you can still keep it eco-friendly and reduce carbon emissions while retaining the functionality and appeal of the extended space and here, we will discuss how. So, no matter the London region where you are, this discussion will surely provide you with an overview of how you can avoid affecting the environment.

Keep Structural Modifications to a Minimum   

To keep the kitchen extensions in South London or the region where you are, you will need to ensure that you are not modifying the area too much.

Naturally, if you are investing in a top-to-the-bottom transformation of your kitchen with an extension of space, more dirt and dust will be generated. In addition, paint can affect the environment as well. So, the best solution to this problem is to keep things minimal.

You can invest in a small kitchen extension since carbon emissions can be greatly reduced with this step.

Minimising the Kitchen Renovation Following the Extension   

A kitchen renovation and extension go hand in hand. While the latter deals with extending space in your property, the former can make the area look attractive. But since the aim here is to make the extension environment-friendly, you can include minimal changes in the kitchen extensions in Fulham or the London region where you are. That way, there will be less dust, dirt and debris generated which will help you keep lessen carbon emissions.

Including Eco-Friendly Products      

After extending your kitchen and renovating the same, it is always a good idea to include eco-friendly products for instance wooden storage spaces and vanities. Since they are derived directly from nature, they will not generate harmful waste that might affect the environment. Moreover, at present, you can find storage spaces from various brands that are eco-friendly and can suit your extended kitchen.

Including Only Certain Items in the Extended Kitchen   

By keeping only necessary items in kitchen extensions in Wandsworth or the London region where you are, not only can you reduce carbon emissions but also retain the functionality of the area. Thus, even if the extended space is not much, it will look spacious when you have only a few items around.

Avoiding the Inclusion of Certain Electrical Appliances 

Keeping only a few appliances in the extended kitchen will help you reduce carbon emissions.

Certain appliances such as fridges, ACs, etc. emit carbon dioxide which can affect the environment at large. So, try to keep only a few of them. In fact, doing so can also help you save space as well.

Including Small Plants   

With minimal items already in the extended kitchen, you can make it environment-friendly by including small plants. They look good, take up only a small space and help you stay connected to nature.

Finally, if you follow all the mentioned points, reducing carbon emissions from the extended kitchen or any space in your home will be possible.

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