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Tailored Kitchen Extensions in South London to Maximise Space

Quality kitchens and extensions can help boost up a property’s value by 6-8%. Due to this, it is no surprise why the majority of homeowners want to opt for quality kitchen extensions in South London to get a bigger, free-flowing, spacious and functional kitchen.

By gaining extra space from their extension; they get the scope of creating a large and well-illuminated kitchen diner where the whole family can sit, eat and enjoy.

However, kitchen extensions can be tricky. And a design which works for one house may not particularly be suited to your existing space (and estimated budget). And that is why it is important to take help from specialists performing kitchen extensions in South London to help you come up with a design which works well with your space.

Whether it’s designing the layout of your kitchen extension, including modernistic fixtures, appliances, bi-folding doors, skylights or any other key elements; our professional team at LUCAS PULAK CONSTRUCTION will help you.

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Specialists for All Manner of Kitchen Extensions across South London

Ideally, there are 2 popular types of kitchen extensions which suit a typical UK property- Rear Kitchen Extension (particularly for terraced homeowners) and Side Return Kitchen Extension. But we also cater to other types of extensions too.

Rear Kitchen Extensions

This type of kitchen extension provides extra living space for your family members to cook, socialise, relax without stumbling on to appliances or feeling cramped. Our professional kitchen extensions provider in South London will work with you to plan your customised design, styling, ceiling, lights and all key aspects before starting the work. If you wish to add two or more skylights along with bi-folding doors which connect with the outside garden; our team can fulfil that too.

Side Return Kitchen Extensions

They are usually popular with semi-detached homes or ones which have a terrace and provides you with ample extra living space. Our home extension team will use their creative design tricks to come up with a quality layout which includes skylights, light wells and quality storage solutions to turn your newly refreshed kitchen space into an inviting and visually pleasing area. And with that extra space, you can add a dining table or seating area near the island to create a common spot for your dear ones to gather, eat and enjoy.

Kitchen Diner Extensions

Such kitchen extensions are perfect if you wish to add an island and a large dining table for everyone to enjoy together. Plus; you also have the option of opening up your living space and blending it with the outdoor by incorporating bi-folding doors. Having completed so many kitchen diner extensions in South London over our tenure with a 100% satisfaction track record; we will be happy to create an in-out living space to cherish with your dear ones.

Small Kitchen Extensions

Our experts believe that it is not necessary to have a large house to achieve a kitchen extension. Using their experience and smart planning; they can also accomplish a kitchen extension for small-ground floor flats or even semi-detached houses.

Our Kitchen Extension Experts in South London Also Perform

  • Wrap around kitchen extensions by combining side-return and rear extensions for detached and semi-detached properties.
  • Wall-to-wall bi-folding doors to connect the garden space with the interior living space.
  • Utility rooms to help homeowners carry out the everyday chores.
  • Tailored storage solutions like drawers, built-in cupboards, wine racks, utility shelving, etc. in vivid kitchen extension projects.
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