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The Most Happening Kitchen Extension Concepts That You Will Adore

Kitchen extension is a tricky business. You just cannot be lackluster in your approach when you plan to add a new look and feel to your kitchen. You need to consider the getup and visual character of the rest of your home and then plan your kitchen extension. 

This will ensure that the new look kitchen gels with the rest of your home seamlessly. Here in this write-up, we discuss the most happening kitchen extension concepts, which have become all the more popular these days. 

Rear Kitchen Extensions

This is one of the most popular kitchen extension concepts for terraced homes, that have of late been extremely popular in London, and South London is no exception. In fact, more and more people with terraced homes, who look for kitchen extensions in South London, are vouching for this particular idea. Indeed, rear kitchen extension has always been a fantastic solution for terraced homes. 

It utilises the available space at the rear of the property premise and it particularly ideal if you are in pursuit of a kitchen that comes with an additional inland, or an open planned functional space. Indeed, it is an extremely eye-catching concept that is turning out to be an all-out rage these days!! 

This particular type of kitchen is generally zoned in three distinctive areas – the cooking area, the dining area, and the retiring area, with no partitions in between. This gives the entire space an uninterrupted, sprawling look and feel that is a treat for the eyes. It gives the option of maximum maneuverability as well.

Thus, if you have frequent guests and visitors, this is the best option for kitchen extension to look for. Our specialists at Lucas Pulak Construction are particularly unparalleled in terms of experience and expertise when it comes to offering this type of kitchen extension. 

Side Return Extensions

If you have a semi-detached home, this is the best option of a kitchen extension for you. This is the most cost-effective option of generating some additional space for your kitchen. When carved out cleverly by our seasoned kitchen extension specialists in Bromley or elsewhere in London, it can work wonders, by adding more functional space that you have probably thought of, and that also without burning your wallet. 

We would suggest you use bright colours on the walls and install modestly sized skylights. This will let more natural light to get in ricochet from walls, thereby adding more natural light to the kitchen, making it look more boisterous.   It will also add an optical illusion, making the kitchen look and feel more spacious than it is actually.

Wrap Around Kitchen Extensions

If the main objective of your extension plans is to add more kitchen space, a wrap-around extension is the best option for you. In most cases, people opting for kitchen extensions in Wimbledon and other places of London would blend rear extension with the side return extension to enforce a complete functional transformation of your home. 

This combination of the above two types of kitchen extension would give shape to an altogether new type of concept, called the wrap-around extension. This will make sure that the central spaces of your home still receive enough natural light and remain airworthy. You can install bi-folding doors along with wall to wall glass windows to add a more dramatic effect to the kitchen and its adjoining areas. 

So you see, there are various kitchen extension plans that you can think of, to add a new look and feel to your home. Our experts at Lucas Pulak Construction are masters in this. So to get the best kitchen extension service, call us at 07 871431437 during our office hours.