New Builds

Top-Ranked New Home Builders in South London: No.1 Trusted & Insured

Lucas Pulak Construction is a pioneer company offering a wide spectrum of home designing services and new builds in South London at a ‘pocket-suited’ price. Leading the construction industry for more than a decade, we are committed to create exotic new homes incorporating cutting-edge, architecturally inspired designs tailored to suit your customised requirements.

Building properties with the best architecture in mind, we strive to create timeless spaces that can accommodate your growing needs and complement your urban lifestyle. From initialisation to conceptualisation, we follow a holistic approach and strive to offer high-quality custom homes underlining crafted workmanship and professionalism at every stage.

Sustainable & Exotic New Builds in South London Crafted to Perfection

The need for a fully functional and distinctive home is highly felt when you run short of your existing space to accommodate your growing requirements. Whereas, opting for home extensions or renovations can easily serve the purpose, building a new home is a sensible choice in order to fetch good ROI. Besides enjoying the perks of an architecturally-inspired custom build homes in South London with additional space and allowances, you can fetch the highest resale value if you wish to sell your home in future.

Custom new builds can be invigorating if it’s crafted out of a well-designed plan and the foundation comprises of high-quality materials. At Lucas Pulak Construction, our home builders in South London understand your concern and strive to offer the best-in-class service to ensure your hard-earned investment is worth every dollar. Not only does custom new build allow you to enjoy a sophisticated living but help you meet your family requirements in the best possible way. The personalised touch from start to finish helps you redefine your space and truly fulfil your desire of having a dream home.


Signature-Style New Builds in South London by Accredited Tradesmen

When it comes to fully customised and inspiring home designs, Lucas Pulak Construction is second to none. If you are splurging on custom build homes in South London, you should keep the aesthetic style at the top of your priority list and incorporate designs that perfectly blend with your taste and preferences. Our builders in South London work hand-in-hand and invest sufficient time in understanding your requirements in order to create the home you have dreamt for long.

Drawing on the tradition for more than a decade, Lucas Pulak Construction has emerged to be the most trusted new home builders and have successfully completed more than 1000 construction projects in South London.

If you are up for creating your exotic new home this year, look no further and give us a call! We have the LOWEST MARKET QUOTE ready in hand for YOU!