Professional House Extensions in Chiswick by Qualified Contractors

Extending homes is the best and the noblest way to add extra living space to your property. This is the most cost-effective way as well, saving you from the expenses and trouble of looking for and purchasing a new home with some extra space for your growing family.

Thus, if you are planning home extensions in Chiswick you must look for a reliable name that is competent enough to come up with the trendiest extensions that not only meet your bespoke needs but take the aesthetic look and feel of your home to an altogether new level. Also, it must add value to your property that comes in handy when you sell it off!

We at Lucas Pulak Construction pride ourselves in stating that we come with some of the finest and visually most enthralling house extensions in Chiswick that will not only meet your needs and aspirations but will go well beyond, thereby yielding more than 100% satisfaction.

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How Do You Benefit From Our House Extensions in Chiswick?

  • We help you meet the need for extra space for your kids and parents.
  • Our house extensions in Chiswick would help you have an office at your home should you plan to come up with one, for your family-owned business.
  • We can come up with one or multiple extra rooms for guests or other boarders.
  • We also offer to change the older styled floor plans and bring a contemporary look and feel, with a few extra spaces or rooms.
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Why Choose Our Home Extension Contractors in Chiswick?

When you hire Lucas Pulak Construction for home extensions in Chiswick, we have our most experienced experts at your service.

With an in-depth knowledge of the technicalities and an eye for details, they will take into account all your needs and compulsions, along with your aesthetic preferences to draw up a plan that will not only satisfy you but also go beyond.

They explain to you the logic behind the plan so that you know exactly what is being done and why. They would also take into account your thoughts & plans and merge them with ours, if possible, polishing it up with our experience and acumen. Thus, when you CONTACT US and explain your needs, you get exactly what you need. In short, when you hire us, we justify your needs to the fullest!

CALL US or fill out our GET A QUOTE form and we will be in touch with you soon!

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