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Some Ripper Ideas That Will Help Your Loft Conversion Pay Off

Loft conversion is one of the best, most economical and the most feasible ways of adding an extra livable space without having to opt for a fully fledged, expansive home extension. When done smartly, it will not only give your home an extra habitable and usable space, but will add to the look and feel of your home and incorporate a new style of living. There are a number of ideas that you can incorporate into your loft conversion plan depending on the space available, and the type of loft conversion you are planning to have.

On this page we discuss some of the best ideas that you can toy with before you vouch for loft conversions in Bromley or elsewhere in and around London.

Creating a Cute Little Guestroom Out of Your Loft

If you have a smallish loft to convert, perhaps some of the more popular ideas of using it are limited to a kid’s bedroom, a home office corner, even a kid;s TV room, or a teen cash pad. However, you can think of some out of box ideas, which may lead you to think of having a guest bedroom or even a complete accommodation with a small bathroom, depending on the size of your loft and space available. This unusual buta highly feasible idea will give your guest a cosy corner to relax and retire.

Using the Loft That Justifies Its Proportion

Now this is a somewhat lucid idea, which will deviate according to the space and dimension of your loft. For instance, if you have a squarish loft, you can have a bed at one conner, overlooking a wardrobe and may be a vanity, with open space at the other side having a skylight just overhead to give your loft enough sunlight and even breeze if your have provision of sliding it open on summer afternoon when there is no smell rain all around! A tryst with nature while being indoors – undoubtedly!

Having a Fully Fledged Bathroom Adjoining Your Bedroom

This is yet another extremely fascinating idea of loft conversions in Clapham that you can put into effect, if you have a biggish loft. Just imagine having a cute little bedroom with a very own, personal bathroom attached alongwith to give you complete privacy and mental satisfaction, if you are in love with being alone.

Maximising the Daylight and Brightness

Regardless of whether you want your loft to be used as your personal library, study, office or a mere bedroom, the idea of maximising sunlight is always a striking one. Thus, you can fit in as many skylights as you can, in one of the walls – may be two, three or even four – depending on its size. That will make things warm and cosy.

Adding a Stylish, Contemporary Bathroom to Your Loft

If you have been plagued by the thought that you cannot have a fully fledged bathroom in your loft, it is time to take a fresh guard. Todays experts offering loft conversions in Wandsworth would squeeze in a fully fledged contemporary bathroom with a freestanding bathtub, a shower corner, the vanities and even an attached powder room to give your loft an altogether new look and feel, and that also without jeopardising the beauty and cosiness.

Now these are only the tip of the iceberg. You can go for many more of them if you hire reputed home builders in Richmond who are seasoned loft conversion specialists.

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