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What are the Different Types of Loft Conversions You Can Choose From?

If space is wanting at your home, extending your home is one of the best ways to gain some space without moving to an entirely new home. Now, there is another very feasible way of home extension – that’s loft conversion. If you have an attic that is left idle and non functional, you can convert it to add a meaningful space, and to add a new look and feel to your home. Indeed, loft conversion is one of the best ways to add look and feel to your home. Depending upon the type of home you have and the getup of the loft you have got, there are various types of loft conversions you can choose from. Each of these lofts are unique in their own ways and carry unique aesthetic value.

Mansard Loft Conversion

This particular type of loft conversion is typically constructed to the rear of the property and comes with a horizontal roof that has an almost vertical 72 degree back wall. This particular structure creates a commendable amount of loft space, and also offers desirable room shaped proportions. At present, it is one of the most popular types of loft conversions in Bromley at present.

L-Shaped Mansard Loft Conversion

This particular type of loft conversion increases the loft interior space and will also add considerable resale value of the home.This particular variety of loft conversion comes in handy if you are looking forward to converting the attic of your home into an open plan bedroom with an en suite.

Double Mansard Loft Conversion

A double mansard variety of loft conversion has similarity to the normal mansard conversion, except for the fact it comes with a mansard to the front side of the home as well. This type of loft conversion greatly increases the loft space, as the front and the rear side of the home and both the sides are left open.

Dormer Loft Conversion

Dormer loft conversion is one of the best options for a London home owner, who is looking forward to creating an additional space in the house. This particular loft is built vertically atop a sloping roof that is already existing, and thus these loft conversions in Wimbledon need permission from the local authorities.

Gambrel Loft Conversion

This particular loft conversion is pretty similar to the mansard roof, excepting for the fact it comes with two sided symmetrical roof, whose each side contains two slopes along with a vertical gable ends. Of the two mentioned slopes, the upper slope comes with a shallow angle, while the other, lower one features a steep angle.

Hipped Roof loft conversion

The hipped roof loft conversion comes with a hip end, which is a sloping end to a roof, while the gable is the triangular section of the wall, which stands as a partition between the two sloping roofs.

Hipped to Gable loft conversion

This type of conversion increases the attic space, by changing the sloping side of your home, which ends to a flat gable, thus giving more space to the staircase.

These are predominantly the most popular types of loft conversions in Richmond and other parts of London. All these come up with unique features and not only add the look and feel of the London homes, but add more value to them as well.

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