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The Best Ways of Adding a Minimalist Kitchen Extension

Kitchen extension is one of the inseparable aspects of home extension. In fact the very concept of home extension remains largely ineffective and incomplete, but for holistic kitchen extension. The reason being, people in most cases go for home extension when there is a major change in their lifestyle. And when that happens, the extension fails to serve the purpose if the extension plan does not include kitchen extension. In many cases, due to budget constraints,or other reasons, people opt for minimalist kitchen extensions, and home builders in Chiswick or elsewhere would live up to their extensions, offering the best minimalist kitchen extensions to meet the functional needs and aspirations of the customers.

On this page, let us discuss the best ways of adding a minimalist kitchen extension.

Decide Wisely Where Will You Place the Kitchen Extension

First, you need to plan the layout of the kitchen extension. In other words, you need to take into consideration the exact place where you need to have the kitchen extension. The reason being, you need to ensure that you get access to an extended portion of the kitchen effortlessly to make the most of it.

Choose a Design and Shape of Kitchen That is Not Out of the Place

When you opt for kitchen extension, you need to ensure that the extended portion of the kitchen is in sync with the existing kitchen and does not look out of place. This will add to the seamlessness of the entire layout of the kitchen, adding more functional space and value to the property. The home builders in Barnes will use all their experience and acumen to come up with a seamless solution to meet your needs and make the most of the budget. Some of the most feasible kitchen layouts include U shaped layout, L shaped layout, Galley kitchen layouts, and the likes.

Using a Side Return

This is one of the most feasible concepts of kitchen extensions in West London. Side return extensions is an extremely feasible opinion of kitchen extension, if space is in the arrears. They work excellent in terraced homes, adding more functionality to the character of the kitchen, thus adding space and at the same time, value to your property.

Glass Box Extension

When you add a glass box to your kitchen, it will not only add space, but will add gorgeousness to your kitchen along with tons of light and sheen. This particular style will go best with the contemporary  style of kitchen and are particularly the best in older buildings with contrasting materials.

Adding a Lean to Conservatory

If you are opting for a cheaper option of holistic home extensions in Wimbledon including adding space to the kitchen, choosing a lean-to conservatory will add significant  space to your kitchen. It will not only add space and light to your kitchen, it will further consolidate the traditional look and feel, making the get up more spacious and functionally more feasible.

Thus, there are so many ways to go for a minimalist kitchen extension and for that, you need to opt for Lucas Pulak Construction, as  we are the best in the business in the UK. Call us for an appointment or mail us for a free quote at the earliest.