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How To Maximise Natural Light While Opting for Loft Conversion?

While going for loft conversion, you must not forget the aspect of lighting. While on one hand you need to optimise space, you must ensure you go for adequate lighting as well to create the luminance – natural as well as artificial. While the natural lighting can be maximised with the clever placement of voluminous windows at strategic places, the artificial lights play a pivotal role illuminating the loft at night, making the most of the conversion, designed by the home builders in Richmond as in any other place.

Let us on this page, discuss the ways to maximise natural lighting and synchronise it with your loft conversion plans, which will make the space bright and vibrant.

Placement of the Windows

Window placement is the most crucial aspect of any loft conversion. Capturing the sun in its best position during its journey throughout the day is one crucial aspect that the professionals offering loft conversions in Fulham will take into account. Placement of an adequate number of windows at strategic points will provide the loft with wholesome natural light, making the loft look bigger than what it is in reality.

Installation of Dormer Loft

This is another extremely effective way of adding more light to the loft during loft conversion, provided your budget permits. A dormer loft conversion is a box-shaped structure, which can sit on the roof, allowing a full size window to be installed, which will allow more lights in.

Incorporation of Velux Windows

When the newly converted loft has a slanted roof, adding a velux window or two is the key to add more light to the loft. Professionals offering loft conversions in Wandsworth like anywhere else would suggest installation of one or  multiple velux windows, depending on the size of the single facing of the loft roof. These velux windows are designed to allow the sun to beam light through them, adding bright natural light into the loft space.

Custom Triangle Window

When it comes to loft conversion, you will have to opt for odd shaped windows. The reason is pretty understandable. Due to the awkward angle, no regular window will fit in. Thus, professionals offering loft conversions in Battersea would opt for a customised triangular window, overlooking the staircase, providing an abundance of natural light all throughout the day.

Adding a Balcony

Adding  a balcony is one good way of adding more light. A small balcony, typically called A Juliet Balcony will not only add more light to your loft, but add a more fuller and complete look and feel to the space. That’s because, instead of having one or multiple windows, having an entire balcony with a door will add significantly to the ventilation and provision of more light.

Final Words – Being Creative Helps

So you see, being creative helps, when it comes to incorporating light multiplication concepts during loft conversions. Apart from these more or less conventional concepts of adding more natural light to your loft, you can opt for other more creative concepts, thus making your loft more attractive and the focal point of your dwelling. For that, you must opt for the best loft conversion specialist. What better name can you opt for, than Lucas Pulak Construction, if you are in and around London? We are the best in the business. Call us now to fix an appointment.