Kitchen Renovations Wandsworth

‘Small’ Kitchen Extensions That Make ‘Big’ Impact to Functionality

As per the experts, you do not have to opt for big, expensive extensions to incorporate that desired change. At times, minor extensions here and there can make a huge impact, without you having to shell out a considerable amount of money. That is why, you would need to turn to quality kitchen extension specialists of your locality, who will be able to guide you through the extension. What better name can you opt for, than Lucas Pulak Construction if you are in the UK? Here are some minor kitchen extension ideas that our experts will come up with.

Utilising the Side Returns

Our experts would suggest utilising the side return of your kitchen for minor, yet highly impactful kitchen extension. Side returns are generally underused spaces of semi semi-detached or terraced properties. Thus, extending it and turning to a part of your kitchen is one good way of adding your kitchen space, without losing too much space. Yes, it may add a mere couple of metres or 3 to 4 at the most, the effect it will have on the getup will be pretty transformative, and would provide a more weighty layout that you will adore.

Designing a Low Tone, Sympathetic Kitchen Extension

There is no hard and fast rule, that your kitchen extension has to be over tone ecstatic and loud enough to catch the attention. It can be a low tone, soft and sympathetic as well. You can have an extension at the rear of your kitchen, which despite being unnoticed, can add significant space to your kitchen. In fact, it is the expertise of our specialists offering kitchen extensions in Chiswick that will come in handy in making these low key, yet result-oriented kitchen extensions.

Adding Roof Lights Will Change Make It Look Larger

This is a smart move, wherein you can enjoy ‘kitchen extension’ without actually ‘extending’ it. Yes, you need to add some space by, say, relocating a cupboard or removing a desktop to an unused corner, or by cutting a segment of wall for an extra space, but your kitchen must look bigger than that. How can it be done? For example, if you add some roof lights, it will change the very look and feel of your kitchen, and more importantly, make it look bigger than what it is, in fact. Talk to our experts who conduct kitchen renovations in Wandsworth and they will provide a perfect solution.

Adding a Pitched Roof Will Also Make the Extension Appear Bigger

There is another trick of opting for a minor extension, and then make it look bigger than what it is, by adding a pitched roof. When you opt for extension of your small kitchen, incorporate the idea of having a pitched roof in the design. While the flat roof extension unifies the space more when you take a look at it from inside, it will also give you a golden opportunity to add some height to the ceiling, and add some space to the one that your kitchen already has.

Thus, these are some ecstatic ways of adding space, value and the aesthetic feel of your kitchen without going for ravishing extensions and that is what our experts offering kitchen extensions in Barnes are good at. Call us now for further details.