House Extensions

What Are the Principles of Home Extensions in the UK? A Brief Analysis

If you are planning to extend your home, you cannot do so randomly. There are certain principles you must abide by. Now these principles may differ in accordance to your location but the crux remains the same. The UK is no different.  If you are in the UK, looking for some home extensions, you need to stick to these principles. Sticking to these principles will not only help you abide by the local Municipal laws, it will also help you to add a definite value to your property.

On this page, let us discuss some of the principles that have to be maintained while opting for home extensions.

Scaling and Massing Principle: While opting for home extensions, you must keep at bay massive extensions that may overwhelm your original dwelling. Going by the rules, the professional home builders in West London would always suggest opting for home extensions that are subservient, and this can be best accomplished by limiting the extension behind the wall of the principal area of the house, coupled with a corresponding drop in the roofline. Going for too large an extension will be a bit risky, as it will not be in line with the layout of  the existing dwelling, thereby disturbing the original structure and visual character of your property.

Thus, the bottom line is that, in all circumstances, the key principle of house extension is that no matter how extensive the extensions might be, they have to be clearly subordinate to the original structure of your home.

The Styling Principle: When you plan your home extensions you should always be mindful of the style and getup. If you ask leading professionals offering home extensions in Wimbledon or elsewhere in London, they would suggest opting for solutions that should seamlessly compliment the layout, the style, proportion, materials and the detailing of your original dwelling. You can either opt for contemporary or traditional getup. However, whatever style or getup you choose, its end result must display characteristics that never detract from that of the original building.

Principle to be Followed while choosing Materials: This is another principle that you need to stick to, while opting for home extensions. Experienced professionals conducting home extensions in Hammersmith or other London suburbs like in the rest of the UK would suggest opting for home extension materials that are identical to the ones used for building the rest of your property.

Roofing Principle: Flat roof extensions are not allowed in the UK, as they are considered the crudest and the most detrimental form of addition to the swellings, given the climatic conditions in the UK. Thus, when it comes to adding or extending roofs, they have to be in sync with the existing roofs, playing second fiddle to the existing roof, rather than overwhelming it.

Roof spans that are bigger and greater than their original counterparts are not allowed in the UK as they result in an inappropriate and harmful character, which will swarm the original character and identity of the building.

Thus you see, when you opt for reputed home builders in Dulwich or elsewhere near London, they will abide by these principles, helping you to come up with a flawless extension.

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