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Some Sure Shot Ideas to Cover Those Tricky Spaces During Loft Conversion

Lofts are notorious for deceiving with perhaps the trickiest angle that a home can offer. Thus, when it comes to converting lofts, the specialists have to use all their expertise and innovative acumen to tame those tricky angles and give the converted loft a conceivable look and feel. On this page, let us discuss some ripper ideas, which the specialists who are into loft conversion in Chiswick or elsewhere in London.

Enhancing the Angles with Glass

Glass happens to be the friend in need for the loft conversion specialists, when it  comes to dealing with the tricky angles. When it comes to converting loft, the specialists have to look for three things at the same time – curving out maximum space, optimising the natural light and maintaining the aesthetic richness. Now, to ensure maintenance of all these parameters, they opt for glass. Covering angular frames during loft conversion is the most effective way to deal with angles while adding look and feel to the loft.

Adding Contrast Colours

The angular corners of lofts can add monotony to the look and feel of the loft, if not dealt with cleverness. They can turn dark and can transmit that darkness over the entire loft, thus making it look less spacious than it is, in fact. One fantastic way of overcoming this obstacle is adding contrast colour on walls containing that angle. Ensure that the shade you choose is a bright one for the wall so that there is  stark contrast with the other walls. This will not only add an extra liveliness to the loft, but help the experts carrying out loft conversions in Wandsworth, by taming the robust corners in an innovative way.

Covering the Corner with a Walk in Wardrobe

Well, this may appear like an escapist’s theory to certain quarters, but it works brilliantly! The experts would at times leave the corner as it is. They will just mend plans to overwhelm it. And the best way to do so is to cover the angle with the help of a walk-in wardrobe, which will not only cover up that angle in an innovative way, but will also add an element of utility to the loft. But there is a caution. This plan works only for solid corners that do not open outside. The ones that open outside will look nice in glass.

Tucking in a Bath at the Corner

This is one of the most adventurous ways of dealing with the corner of a loft. Just tuck in a claw feet or a freestanding bath at the corner with a well defined bathing area around it. This will make the loft more self contained than before and will do a great justice to the unsung corner of your loft. However, the professionals in Putney offering loft conversions would suggest adding an outlet on the ceiling just over the bath or adjacent to it, to add a tinge of openness to the corner.

These are some of the ways that can add more life  and purpose to an otherwise redundant corner in a converted loft.

That’s the reason, you must opt for a reputed loft conversion specialist company, which can come up with these ripper ideas. If you are in and around London, Lucas Pulak Construction is the best name to turn to. Call us now to fix an appointment.