Basement Extensions

What Are the Most Common Red Flags to Be Aware of During Basement Extension?

There are times when people feel the need for having some extensions in their home basement. Frankly speaking, basement extension is regarded as one of the most disruptive and expensive ways of making homes bigger in terms of carpet areas. Still, people prefer going for it, as it offers the most significant returns in terms of property value along with some extra footage.

However, the entire process is pretty intricate and there is every chance of the extension being riddled by costly mistakes. That’s why, when it comes to extending basements, it is imperative to put stakes on the best home builders in and around London as any other place in the UK. The experts of a professional home builder will never let you commit these mistakes. But what are those mistakes? Here they are!

Not doing enough research

Basement conversion demands a lot of research work. Here are a few examples –

At first, the ballpark figure of the limit of extension of the basement has to be ascertained against the price of per square feet extension. To arrive at this figure, the total area of the ground floor has to be calculated along with the addition of an extra 10% to the figure.  Now, this is a complicated affair that needs a lot of research. Only experts offering basement extensions in Clapham or elsewhere in London will be able to provide help. Without their help chances of mistakes become really high. Hence, not doing enough research is a blunder and so is not hiring specialists.

Not having an idea of how to use the basement beforehand

Before any extension work of the basement, there has to be planning in place. And this plan has to be based on the intended use of the extended basement. Now for that, the intervention of professional home builders in Fulham is important and discussing the needs with these professionals and chalking out appropriate plans accordingly is important. Not taking these steps in close coordination with the professionals is again a strict NO-NO.

Dividing the basement into too many smaller rooms

This is another huge blunder that people at times end up committing while going for basement extensions in Wimbledon or elsewhere. The reason being, when the basement is divided into multiple chambers, it means there are more partitions or walls. This means, there will be less light and the basement will be less airy. This will only make the basement moist, leading to faster depreciation. That is the reason experts never recommend breaking the basement into too many smaller rooms. It’s a mistake to do so.

Not considering the rooms above as examples

The basement, just like the rooms above, has to be airier. Thus, an ideal layout of the basement has to be a perfect combination of open spaces and provisions of healthy circulation of air. The ideal approach is always taking the rooms above as examples. Not doing so is an error. Professional builders in Hammersmith offering basement extensions will always suggest taking the rooms above as templates.

So you see, hiring professional builders always helps you to avoid these basement extension mistakes. If you are in London, Lucas Pulak Construction is the best name to turn to. Call us at 07871431437.