Kitchen Extensions Battersea

The Most Innovative Kitchen Renovation & Extension Ideas Used by Qualified Home Builders

Sky’s the limit when it comes to extending and renovating kitchens. Depending upon the space available in the kitchen and the getup of the rest of the property the builders in Richmond like anywhere else would use all their experience and innovations to come up with some highly interesting ideas that will add value to your property.

Bohdan Townhouse with Granite Countertops

This particular style is best for the longish kitchens, which have an indoor staircase going up from the ground floor to the second floor, or to the loft. Beautifully crafted granite countertops and matching flooring and walls will add to the finesse of the bathroom.

The Crystal World

This particular style is suitable for the kitchens that are more spacious with fewer things to act as focal points, excepting the longish table top stationed longitudinally at the center, housing the oven tops and the sinks in a chronological fashion. Surely, this is one of the most impactful kitchen extensions in Chiswick or elsewhere you can go for.

The Friar Tuck Getup

This style adds a bar like get up to your kitchen, with a glittering countertop running all throughout the length of your kitchen coupled by laminated kitchen cabinets, drawers and tall bar stool like chairs completing the get up. This is predominantly kitchen extensions in Battersea for large longish kitchens.


This is mainly an all-white kitchen renovation and extension idea with white cabinets and drawers. This all white minimalistic kitchen getup gives your kitchen a charming & gracious look and feel.


This is a highly modern form kitchen expansion that gives a sleek and sizzling look and feel to your kitchen. While you can have tiled floors, the countertops, cabinets and drawers come with a timber getup, which adds to the aristocracy and sleekness to the kitchen. Thus, if you have hired new home builders in Dulwich for renovating your kitchen afresh, you can try this smart idea to a fresh lease of visual impact to your home.


This is predominantly a modular kitchen renovation concept, which again supports the minimalistic approach. The style comes in handy with dark coloured countertops, which match against wooden cabinets and drawers. The floor can either be dark coloured to support the theme or may be white to create a sharp contrast with the cabinet shades.


During your home renovations in Barnes or elsewhere, which include kitchen renovations you can opt for terra. This is again a timbered themed kitchen renovation concept, which is pretty minimalist and is apt for the spacious kitchens that come up with classic appeal, adding significant value to not only the kitchen, but to  your entire property.


Vega is mainly an all glass kitchen renovation style. It is a light coloured concept, with the cabinets and the bench and countertops arranged along the edges to give a wide space at the middle.

Thus, when it comes to extending or renovating you bathroom, there are so many concepts to look for. What better name can you opt for, than Lucas Pulak Construction? Call us at 07 871431437 for further details.