House Extensions

Some Inexpensive House Extension Ideas That Would Add Extra Space

The sky’s the limit when it comes to planning home extensions. However, no matter what you plan it must be commensurate with the existing layout of your property and must serve your purpose to the fullest. And most importantly, it must support your home extension budget. As a stakeholder, your sole objective should be to stick to a budget home extension plan that will meet your needs to the fullest without disturbing your accounts.

For that, your need of the hour will be to hire the best builders of your locality, who can assist you with the best plans. If you are in and around London, the best name you can turn to is Lucas Pulak Construction. Our experts will come up with some highly interesting house extension ideas that will add space and value to your property.

Reconfiguring your existing space

Home extension doesn’t always necessarily mean adding more carpet areas to your existing property. Changing the layout or reconfiguring it will automatically help you curve out extra spaces.

Thus, when it comes to trying home extensions if you have a shoestring budget, our reputed home builders in South West London will come up with some highly innovative reconfiguration of your existing space. It will give you the option of establishing the optimum layout, which will help you make the most of the views, access, the available natural light and last but not least, privacy.

Considering a two-storey extension

At times, depending upon the layout of your property, the professional home builders in Central London might suggest you to opt for a two-storey extension. Indeed, building two-storeys instead of one is a great idea of home extension.

Besides getting extra space, it also reduces the average per square meter cost of extension. This is because it gives you the option of stretching the expensive foundation and roof layout raw materials over a larger area.  Thus, opting for a two-storey extension is always an economically more feasible home extension option.

Adding a Sunroom Extension or Conservatory

Notwithstanding the unusually hot and sunny summers that London is experiencing of late, sunlight has always been premium in England. Thus, if you are looking forward to having some added space in your property without spending much, the specialists offering house extensions in Clapham or elsewhere in London might offer a sunroom or conservatory.

Smaller conservatories do not need planning permission from the local authorities as they are excluded from UK building regulations. Thus, they go a long way not only to add extra space, but also to allow some more light in, and that also at a cost-effective rate. In fact, this option is turning out to be a more and more popular home extension option.

Transforming the ceiling space

Transforming the ceiling is another very interesting way of adding space to your property albeit virtually, if not literally. Tall ceilings can convert the look and feel of an indoor space. Indeed, larger rooms can be made to feel even more impressive and spacious by making the ceiling taller, if there is any such scope.

You can achieve it by having the floor level dug down or by building it up. In case you have a two-storey extension, the specialists offering home extensions in Wandsworth may suggest a split level on the first floor, which will add extra space.

Therefore you see, our professional builders in Putney or anywhere else may come up with multiple ideas of budget home extension that will serve your purpose. Call us at 07871431437 for booking an appointment.