Loft Conversions

6 Ways to Make Your Converted Loft Even More Attractive

Converting your loft space is a great idea if you want to beautify your home. However, after the conversion, you should decorate it to make it even more appealing. But if you don’t know how to and want to get some ideas, this is the place from where you can get some. The methods that we will discuss here are provided by experts in Wandsworth, Putney and Battersea. Therefore, if you are from any of these areas and have already had your loft converted or planning to do so, this discussion will be of help.

Choose the Right Colour for the Wall

If wall paint wasn’t included in the conversion, you will need to get it painted. Here, you will need to choose a colour that will add a nice feel to the area. For that, professionals providing loft conversions in Wandsworth recommend choosing light and flat colours. That way, your loft will feel more spacious. However, if you are transforming it to a gym or a studio, you can go for brighter colours and wall designs.

Add Wallpapers

If you want to skip colouring your wall, you can add wallpapers. However, the same concept applies here when it comes to colours. But since wallpapers are available in different textures, you can experiment with them to make your loft more attractive.

For instance, if your ceiling is made of wood, applying matching wooden textured wallpaper on the wall will indeed add a touch of elegance to the interior space.

Choose Appropriate Furniture

If there is less space on the loft, better not add too many items as it will make the area cluttered. However, if you have space, choosing furniture that matches the wall colour can make the area look classy. Besides, if you are not making a library, professionals providing loft conversions in Battersea suggest that you stick with small furniture that is customised.

Including Storage Space

To store your items, you will need to include storage space. So, choosing the right units is necessary. However, that again depends on what you want to include since you will find different types of storage units readily available.

If you have many things to store you will be requiring bigger units. But since it is a loft, experts recommend that you include medium or small units if you really want to make the interior look nice.

Adding Custom Lights

A simple way of beautifying the interior is to add custom lights and almost all reputable builders providing home renovations in Putney suggest that you add lights on the walls of your loft or the loft balcony if you have one. That way, the interior space will feel cosy and it will surely uplift your mood.

Adding Other Decorative Items

If you like art, hanging pictures or other decorative items is another simple way of making the converted space enticing.

You can find a lot of decorative items as well as design ideas on the internet. So, from there also you can choose a few pieces of art or similar items to adorn the walls.

Let the Experts Transform Your Loft

Lucas Pulak Construction provides bespoke lift conversions at the best prices. With that, our expert builders will safely carry out the conversion without damaging any parts of your property. So, to hire our builders or to get the loft conversion cost, contact us now.