Kitchen Extensions

Tricks that Help You Save Money on House & Kitchen Extension

Home extensions can be extremely rewarding if done in a proper and effective way. However, for that you have to shell out some money out of your pocket, Mind it, that cost can be hefty, depending upon your plans and aspirations. However, there are certain tricks that will help you check your expenses, without really compromising with the quality or dropping your plans and aspirations.

Let us see how it is possible.

Sticking to The KISS Theory

KISS (Keeping it Straight and Simple) theory lies at the very heart of cost-cutting. Remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to renovating or extending your home. There is no limit to innovations and creations though that will leave you with an uncontrollable expense out of your pocket.

Thus, you need to put a check on the temptations. You need to keep things simple and straight. In other words, if you have the right plan in place, you can still make it stand out with all its finesse and class and you do not have to spend much for it. And to further cut the cost of your house extensions in Hammersmith you need to stay away from products that have to be made to order. Opt for the ones that are readily available, like concrete for the walls and subfloors. You may opt for brick, timber or render cladding or go for a softwood timber roof structure.

Opting for Partial DIY

This is one great way to cut costs. Remember, regardless of the scale of the project, labour costs may eat up 50 to 60 per cent of your total outlay. Thus, you may take up relatively easier tasks. They may include embellishing and landscaping, and of those customary ‘second fix’ trades such as kitchen fitting and tiling, or fixing the coving and skirting boards during your kitchen extensions in Wimbledon. You may, however, leave the other harder and more complicated works for the experts.

There’s a catch, however. Do not hurry to show off your prowess. Read things carefully and take inputs from pros if needed. Setting an example of bad workmanship is not justified. It will ruin the show and increase your expenses instead of decreasing.

Doing Some Project Management

Rather than leaving the management to be done entirely by the professionals, you can do some of the management work yourself. Relying entirely on professionals will add almost 20 to 25 per cent to the total labour and material costs. Thus, you can cut that chunk off at least partially, if not fully, if you manage the project yourself.

This means you will have your task cut out. You will have you maintain liaison with the designer and the architect and deal with the building department of the local authority. And then you will have to find out and hire the right tradespeople, and direct the work and supply of all the raw materials needed. Well, it can be tiresome and time-consuming but will be rewarding and satisfactory at the end of the day. It will give you confidence that you have had the best men and materials for the job and you have curtailed a significant amount of cost.

Saving on VAT

The majority of extension work, including kitchen extensions in Fulham would attract 20% VAT on materials and labour. Thus, if you opt for a few less important second-hand materials that are sold by private individuals online, it will reduce that contribution. That’s because these materials are free from VAT.

Therefore you see, there are so many clever and justified ways to control home extension costs. We at Lucas Pulak Construction always advise our clients to do anything that will help them cut costs. That’s what makes us such a popular name. Call us at 07871431437 for further details.