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Some Stunning Basement Extension Ideas of 2021 to Look For

Basement extension is a tricky business. Ignoring it is a blunder. That is why our professionals offering basement extension services in South London would always suggest taking the best step forward to carry out basement extension. And when it comes to discussing the issue of basement extensions, there is a lot to take into account. More so, we must discuss the top latest trends of basement extensions that are making news in 2021.

The Classic Form

This is the basic form that you can stick for basement extensions in South West London like anywhere else. And while doing so, you can opt for the beige and brown, as that would instigate natural warmth along with the classic appeal. You can opt for beige for the walls as it will help the walls to pair well with the upholstery and seats if they are of leather and brown.  A warm lighting will add finishing for the basement.

The Pub-like Look

This is a trendy form of basement extensions in West London, like elsewhere in London. You can turn your basement into a typical pub, with a bar corner and a drinking area and a billiard table, areas for playing dart, and some sizzling new-age lighting to get that sizzling feeling.

Extension with Granite Theme

If you are looking for a basement extension, you can very well turn it into an extended living area to host your guests and have it decorated with granite countertops and tone. Add a backing colour theme to add a subtle, soothing look and feel to the area. Of late, a number of residents are opting for this type of basement extension in Central London and the surrounding areas of the British Capital.

Work-from-Home Theme

The COVID 19 Pandemic has taught us to work from home. Thus, if you are looking forward to having an office at your home to work at, this is the theme you can opt for at this conjecture of time. Indeed, you need to turn to our experts offering basement extensions in Hammersmith to get a basement that will be as good as your office at home.

The Homey Vibe

If you are looking forward to having a basement that will give you the feeling of being your home-proper, you need to get that homey vibe in your basement. Talk to our experts offering basement extensions in Fulham or elsewhere around London. They will convert your basement into a relaxing paradise so much so that you can spend time with your family, without the thought that you are actually in your basement!

A Book and Music Corner

Are you a music buff or a bookworm, or both? Well, your basement conversion plan should fit into your aspiration the fullest. You can have a cabinet full of your collection of books and other accessories. A study table, a cozy divan, and a music corner with loudspeakers and the music player on a short cabinet with suitable, subtle light, the flooring and paint on the walls will complete the look and feel. Indeed, our experts offering basement extensions in Wimbledon are great at this.

These are not all – rather, these are only the top ideas. The sky’s the limit when it comes to toying with the ideas of basement extensions in Hammersmith or elsewhere in and around London.

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