Loft Conversions

Planning a Loft Conversion? This is How You Should Prepare

Loft conversions indeed make an interior look enticing. But before you can go for the conversion, you will need to prepare your home, and today we will discuss a few ways to do so. However, before making the necessary preparations, you should talk to your local builders in Bromley, South London or Battersea as they will inspect your home and will give you all the details that you need to follow to prepare your home for the loft conversion.

Anyway, let’s now get to the things that you need to do.

  • Relocating the Items in your Home

Any type of renovation will require relocation of the different items in your home such as furniture, appliances and other fragile items. So, builders providing loft conversions in Bromley suggest that you start the relocation work a few days before the day of the conversion to avoid problems.

Relocating the different items in your home can be a time-taking task. So, better not rush into it. To make things simpler, you can make a checklist of the items that you will need to move. Also, to protect them from dust, debris, etc. putting them in separate boxes or covering them up with drop cloths is a good idea.

  • Give Free Access to The Loft

For the loft renovation work, you will need to give free access of the loft to the builders. So, clear the doorways of the room so that the builders can get to the place easily. Additionally, if you have items that you want to permanently discard, now is the best time to do so.

If you have smaller items, you can move them to a different part of the room. Basically, you will need to make sure that nothing is blocking the access.

  • Cleaning Your Rooms

Dust and debris are a part of a renovation job and it is no different in the conversion of a loft. So, builders providing the loft conversions in South London, recommend that you use drop cloths to cover the different areas in your home from dust, the same way you are using them for the furniture.

However, if you do not have the drop cloths, you can use any other fabric for covering your doorways or the other areas.

  • Having the Right Conversion Plan

The conversion plan will be made by the builders depending on the type of conversion that you need or the type of your apartment. So, the builders will be inspecting your home first to devise the right plan.

During the initial planning, you will need to help the builders with measurements and answer a few questions that they might ask so that they can create the plan properly.

Some of the questions that the builders might ask you include the age of your building, the materials with which the building was made (if you know), whether any previous renovations were made, etc.

  • Obtaining the Permission

If you are living in a rented apartment or in a building that is controlled by a certain authority, you might need to obtain the necessary permission for the conversion. So, our professionals providing loft conversions in Battersea suggest that you talk to the building authorities to know more on the building permit.

  • Asking the Builders About the Cost of the Conversion

The cost of loft conversions varies with the designs and the materials that will be used. So, if you have a certain design in your mind, talk to your builders first to get an estimate, and you can then tweak your plans accordingly.

Thus, if you follow these, the loft conversion can be carried out easily by the builders.

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