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An All-In-One Guide to Create the Ultimate Basement Conversion

Taste and preferences of people are changing with time and to accommodate the ever-growing requirements of an urban lifestyle, homeowners are switching towards cost-effective home extensions ideas to maximise their space. Instead of splurging hefty dollars on a new property, choosing to utilise the unused areas of your home is a way more practical solution and no wonder, basement is the right place to try out incredible ‘space maximising ideas.

Over the years, basement conversions have gained immense popularity and proved to be an ideal solution for people living in densely populated areas.  Additionally, basement conversions add a ‘wow-factor’ to your living area and contribute to a steady rise in the market value of your property.

Before you rush to hire a renovation builder, take a tour with this blog to know everything about creating the perfect basement conversion to make your investment worthy.

Is Your Basement Ideal to Convert?

Basement conversions are indeed exciting and overwhelming but it’s also worth checking whether your basement is ideal for transforming into a living area during house extensions in West London. Here’s what you should watch out before plunging into the task.

  • Damp or Leakage

Damp in walls can ruin your basement conversion project and give recurring troubles of leakage. The first and foremost thing you need to check is whether your basement is suffering from damp or leakage. Damp proofing can prove to be expensive later on and hence, it should be treated before conversion.

  • Flow of Natural Light

No wonder, basement struggles to receive a seamless flow of natural light and if you aren’t fortunate to have existing windows, the situation might get worse. Analyse whether you want sunlight to penetrate the space and if so, ask the contractors offering home extensions in Central London to install a glass door for seamless flow of natural light.

  • Access to Property

Accessibility to your basement is a key factor to consider and if you don’t have a staircase in place, you have to plan the layout accordingly to ensure seamless access between the basement and rest of the rooms.

Remarkable Possibilities that Basement Conversions Offer

Basement conversions offer whole new possibilities and can turn out to be a perfect recreational area if you get the right renovation builder by your side. Mentioned below are some classic facilities basement extensions usually offer:

  • Entertainment Zone: Basement conversions can be an ideal space for guests to hang out or party with friends during weekends. It can serve as a perfect recreational zone if designed impeccably and offer a welcoming vibe. Structural glasses installed on top will allow walking on top and plenty of natural light penetration into the space.
  • Gym at Home: For the fitness freaks, converting the basement into a gym can be a timeless choice as it can save time and space. Unlike the rest of the areas of your home, you can slam down weights without worrying about the structural integrity of floors. However, make sure you add proper floor protection during home extensions in Barnes to prevent cracks and make way for ventilation.
  • Swimming Pool: What else luxurious it can be other than having a swimming pool at home! Sounds great, isn’t it? Yes, you can convert the basement into a pool and even include a sauna. However, swimming pools are expensive to build so make sure you have a flexible budget to spend for damp prevention, ventilation etc., before plunging into the task.

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