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Different Types of Loft Conversions to Consider During House Renovation

Loft conversion is one of the most feasible ways of having an additional functional space at your home without going for widespread home renovation. Converted lofts can be used as guestrooms, studies, and even playrooms for the kids. They go a long way to add an extra floor space as well as value to the properties. There are four principal varieties of loft conversions that are carried out in the UK. Thus, if you are planning a loft conversion, you must opt for the most appropriate variety that will suit your home. And for that, you must put your money on a quality company that has been carrying out loft conversions for years. We would advise you to opt for Lucas Pulak Construction. We are one of the most vetted names when it comes to home renovations in Bromley and other locations in the UK, including loft conversion.

Here on this page, we discuss the different varieties of loft conversions that are practiced in the UK, along with their respective feasibilities and advantages.

Dormer Loft Conversion

This is the most popular variety of loft conversion that is practised in Fulham and other parts in the UK. This pretty simple flat roof dormer variety is a structural extension, which protrudes vertically from the slope of the already-existing floor, thus creating a box-shaped structure. This variety of loft extension generally needs no drastic changes in the overall structure of the home and allows setting up of conventional windows.


  • This type of conversion adds useful additional headroom if the attic is too cramped.
  • It adds straight walls along with flat ceilings.
  • It creates a pretty large additional indoor space.
  • It allows healthy natural light and ventilation.
  • It is much less expensive, compared to the other types of conversions.
  • It is best suited for British homes.
  • It mostly falls under the permitted conversion in the UK.

Mansard Loft Conversion

This type of loft conversion is practiced by raising the wall that you share with your neighbours (generally termed as party walls). The roof of the loft in this type of conversion remains flat, while one of the outer walls slopes down gradually inwards. Mansard lofts are typically designed for the rear of a house, and though they are suitable for many types of structures, they are mostly suitable for terraced houses.


  • These types of lofts are considered aesthetically more pleasing than the dormer variety.
  • They come in handy particularly for the older homes.
  • They have more headroom than any other variety of conversion.
  • They allow more light and ventilation into the loft.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

This is one of the most popular varieties of loft conversions in Wimbledon like the rest of the UK, which is ideal for detached and terraced homes. It straightens and inwardly slanted end roof, for creating a vertical wall. This trivial change makes a huge difference to the look and feel of the living and functional space, and thus is getting more and more popular amongst the UK residents.


  • These lofts are extremely pleasing from the aesthetic point of view, as they gel pretty seamlessly with the existing property.
  • They can be combined with a dormer loft at the rear of the home, creating optimum spacing.
  • This particular type of loft is suitable for chalets and bungalows.

Rooflight Loft Conversion

This is another variety of loft conversion that is widely preferred by property owners in the UK as there is no need to expand or do any type of alterations to the existing space. This type of conversion can be conducted simply by adding in windows and reinforcing the floor.


  • These lofts are at least 25% cheaper than any other type of loft conversion.
  • These lofts have more chance to be approved by the authorities than any other type of conversion if your property is located in a conservation area.
  • These lofts would come up with plenty of space for storage, of the eaves are used creatively.

So you see, you have 4 varieties of loft conversions to choose from if you have plans to do so. We pride to state that we at Lucas Pulak Construction are experts in designing all these types of lofts. Thus, we would suggest you get in touch with us at 0787 143 1437 between our office hours or request a quote.