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Innovative Ways to Plan Your Kitchen Extensions in Clapham

The extra kitchen area can be extended in creative ways so that the space can be used for other purposes as well. Today, the extension of the kitchen area has become quite popular since limited spaces in homes can also be transformed with the help of designers and architects.

To extend the area, careful planning is necessary. In fact, in most of the home extensions in Clapham, step by step planning is carried out before the execution so that the area looks appealing. Below are the ways of an effective kitchen extension.

Layout Planning

The extended area should be functional.It should stay connected with the rest of the home as well and this is achieved in a step by step process.

  • Kitchen Counters

For dividing the different areas, most of the modern kitchens today have kitchen counters. These counters can separate the cabinets from the dining space or the cooking area with the storage space. Designers will make the foundation plan with your consultation to place the items in strategic locations to make good use of the space.

  • Level-wise Division

Dividing the different sections of the kitchen creatively will make the area look appealing. This can be achieved by implementing a split-level layout where the kitchen area can be raised above the dining area and steps can be added that lead to the raised kitchen. This will make the whole area stand out from others.

  • From Indoor to Outdoor

If an outdoor area such as the balcony is available, the kitchen area can be extended further where the indoor will merge with the outdoor. The natural lighting and the dining area on the balcony will create a smooth transition that will simply redefine your interior.

kitchen extensions

Usage of Lights

A combination of natural and artificial lighting works best for extended areas. At present, in most of the kitchen extensions in Clapham, we can see skylights are being installed to fill up the extended area with natural light. However, if skylights aren’t possible you can go for glass doors that will allow natural light.

Only natural light will not be enough to light up the extended area of your kitchen. You need artificial light as well. For this, you can use LED lights that are power-efficient and easy on the eyes.

Wall and Ceiling Colours

Extended areas look best with neutral colours. Though there are many other colours that you can choose for your kitchen, light bases such as white or light grey will make the space look elegant. However, if you wish to experiment with other colours of lighter shades, adding contrasting colours can make your extended area look interesting.The colour contrast also applies to the other objects in the kitchen such as the appliances and furniture as well.

Arranging the Storage 

Placing the cupboards etc. used for storage purposes in one place makes the extended area look more organized compared to their placement here and there. Additionally, it becomes easier to access the storage if they are placed in one area.

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