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What are the Most Common House Extension Mistakes to be Aware of?

House extension is a complicated affair. It is always easier said than done. That is the reason you need to be extremely conscious while hiring professionals for house extensions. You just cannot pick up any service provider blindly. You must put your stakes on a service provider that is reputed and has been offering house extensions in South West London rather successfully for years. Indeed, choosing the right name is the best option to avert the following mistakes:

Rushing through the Process

It has been found that unnecessarily hurrying through the process is one of the main reasons for house extension blunders. This comes either out of excitement or because of a lack of knowledge. Out of the hurry, people do not conduct enough research to find out the best in the business. And then again, out of a misconception that the longer the process takes the more they will have to pay, they pressurize the service provider to cut short the time as much as possible to go through the entire process fast. All these take a huge toll on the quality, which, to say the least reaches nowhere near the desired stature of perfection.

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Ignorance is bliss – but not always – certainly not in a house extension. People at times tend to ignore some key features before going for home extensions and pay the price. And these encompass a wide spectrum of aspects – feasibility, neighbours, local home building and extension policies, rules in regards to wildlife, and the likes. Now, this has two aspects – an imperfect house extension or getting caught in legal affairs, which is anyway the last thing one would want to get caught in. This is where putting stakes on a reputed and seasoned company makes the difference. The experts will look into all these issues thoroughly when they plan house extensions in Clapham like anywhere else.

Putting Stakes on Unrealistic Ideas

When it comes to planning a home extension, you must know what will work and what will not! Things vary with every property and its dimension and the objectives that are to be met through house extension. Just because a plan has worked for one, it does not mean it will work for another. Thus, it is the responsibility of the house extension service provider to guide their customers to adopt extension plans that are indeed feasible and will work to meet their tailored needs and compulsions. Moreover, it is also the responsibility of the service provider to see that the budget does not skyrocket. Indeed, here is where the involvement of a reputed company makes all the difference.

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Not Paying Heed to Budget 

This is a two-pronged mistake. People make two kinds of budget-related blunders. Either they do not set a budget while planning or they become too miserly, cutting on the budget a bit too much.

In the first case, they dig their own grave by not settling on the budget along with the time frame for the project while inking the agreement. When they do this, the project goes on for eternity and so goes the budget – skyrocketing. Or, even if they have a definite time frame, they do not have any planning and hence, end up doing things that are not needed. This, needless to say, inflates the budget as well!

Or, they will start curtailing the budget a bit too much, ending up with something that is nowhere what they need.

Thus, the involvement of a quality and reputed house extension service provider will do a world of good for the clients. A quality company will guide its clients right from the very scratch, through the planning, setting the budget, fulfilling the legal formalities until the completion of the project – all at a realistic budget.  This is where we at Lucas Pulak Construction make the difference with customer-centric, comprehensive house extension services. For further details, call us on 07 871431437 between our office hours.